Why are you not responding on Facebook Messenger?

I think due to high volume of conversations on Facebook Marketplace, I am regularly being blocked from responding messages on Messenger. However I believe the live chat on this website does not suffer the same problem. Alternatively please try to use “Contact Us” form or email me directly on james@woodworks.nz

How long does it take to complete my order?

Due to demand higher than production constraint, for normal orders this stage, it takes about 2-3 days.

I have placed an order online, what’s next?

Once we received your order, your order status will stay in ‘processing’ while we fulfill your order. Once they are ready for pick up, your order status will change to ‘complete’.

Can I have a look before I buy?

Absolutely, you are welcome to have a look, discuss with us before placing an order.

Where is the pick up location?

We are located in Flat Bush, Auckland.

Can you deliver in Auckland?

We can, with a delivery fee, please discuss with us before placing an order.
Delivery fee is roughly = km x $2.5, minimum $20

Can you deliver outside Auckland?

We do not arrange couriers ourselves, but we have had customers arranging courier to ship to outside of Auckland, here is one of the courier company our customers used:

Scott Stevens 0277113080 stevens_scott@hotmail.com

Why don’t you produce more and quicker?

We rather focus on quality than quantity.

Is it safe to grow veggies on these boxes?

Our planter boxes use H3 treated timber. CCA treated timber has been shown in some studies to leach low levels of chemicals into the soil immediately surrounding the treated timber. You can line the boxes with polythene sheets to reduce chemical leaching into the soil, also it will prolong the lifespan of the boxes. For more information checkout this link.

Can you line the boxes with polythene sheets?

Yes we can, depending on the size of the box, price range from $8 for small, $12 for medium and $16 for large size.